Listing of Courses

I. New to Sales (Up to about 2 years experience.)

100 Sales Basics. (2 days)
Sales awareness, territory and call planning, time management, prospecting, planning and closing. 

110 Sales Skills for Occasional Sellers. (1 day)
Introduces basic sales concepts and activities to those whose main job is not sales. Also beneficial to those who supervise or act in support of sales people.


II. Intermediate Sales (About 2 to about 5 years experience.)

200 Sales Process Workshop. (2 days)
Defines and develops a formal, multi-step Sales Process to improve sales effectiveness and efficiency.

210 How to Sell without Discounting. (2 days)
A dollar of discount equals a dollar of profit. How to stop giving profit away.

220 How to Manage Your Selling Time. (1 day)
Strategies and awareness to let you get more selling time out of your day.

230 Better Sales Presentations. (2 days)
Steps to create a more believable and compelling sales presentation.


III. Senior / Advanced Sales (5+ years of sales experience.)

300 Competitive Selling. (2 days)
Strategies and tactics to use in highly competitive markets where customers are reluctant to buy and new prospects are few.

310 How to Call at the Executive Level. (1 day)
Why, how and when should you call on senior executives.

320 Trusted Adviser Selling. (1 day)
How to work with the elements of Trust to eliminate the competition from your key accounts.

330 Value Selling. (1 day)
How to win in highly price-sensitive markets or where product / service differentiation is very difficult.


IV. Sales Management ( 6+ months in a management position.)

400 How to Be a Great Sales Manager. (2 days)
How top sales managers create and lead high-performing sales teams. The 6 Steps in the Practice of Sales Management.

 410 Sales Management Round Table Workshop. (1 day)
A round-table workshop focused on discussing key issues faced by sales managers in today's frantic marketplaces. (Request a minimum of one full year of experience.)

420 Sales Coaching Techniques. (1 day)
How to be a successful coach for your team. Activities that will bring positive results and better performance.


V. Refresher Programs

500  Refresher Courses. (1/2 to 1 day)
Periodically, refresher programs will be offered to past graduates to 'top-up' and renew skills learned in earlier programs.



  • Registration is limited to 6 - 12 per class.
  • Full documentation and refreshments are provided.
  • Senior reps are welcome to attend courses focused at earlier career stages to review / reinforce their basic knowledge.
  • Fees and content are subject to change without notice.


  • Class dates are chosen and communicated when sufficient interest is registered to hold a minimum class.
  • Note: Please call and register your full range of interest for your sales staff. (No fee is payable at this point.)


  • Classes are held at accessible business venues / hotels in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) or other cities, as appropriate.
  • Hotel accommodation will be recommended for out-of-town attendees.


  • Fee payment is required only when a course date has been set, communicated, and accepted.
  • Fees are payable in full prior to the start of any confirmed course and are non-refundable 48 hours or less prior to the start of a confirmed course.