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Sales coaching at W. D. Cowan Associates is a dedicated, intense activity centered on individual sales reps, sales managers, and small groups. It has these major objectives:

  1. To diagnose and improve a period of low or inconsistent performance from an individual who is usually a strong performer.
  2. To help an individual improve their sales effectiveness and / or promotability, possibly as part of a career development plan.
  3. To work with small groups of sales people (usually 2 to 6) to focus on specific aspects of the sales process including the review of pending deals and of lost sales.

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Improving the effectiveness of their sales staff is the most important duty a Sales Manager can perform. In reality, most managers are not able to dedicate the time to do the in-depth Coaching that is required to complete this objective. They may also not have the skills necessary to help a given individual focus on their explicit needs.

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