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Here are some thought-provoking articles written about issues that face most modern business-to-business sales forces. Often company size is not a factor in whether or not an issue is relevant.  


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4 Compelling Reasons to Train Your Sales Force



From the keyboard of Doug Cowan  |  October, 2013.

Companies continue to under-invest in the  training of their sales force. Sales people are often left on their own to learn the skills necessary to be successful in sales. The result is lost sales and unrealized potential.

Here are four solid reasons to put sales skills training in your budget and to fight to keep it there:



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8 Do’s and Don’ts of Sales Skills Training

From the Keyboard of Doug Cowan  |  October, 2013 


The current  economic downturn has forced many companies to curtail or cancel training investments in their sales force. Many of these companies have found that they have paid a price in terms of sales performance and revenue, to save training expenditures.

Here are eight Do’s and Don’ts companies should consider in order to get more for their sales training dollar.

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Why Your Company’s Sales Process Is Important                     


From the keyboard of Doug Cowan  |  October, 2013.

Your company’s Sales Process defines a vital connection to your customers. It determines how they are handled by your sales force as they are found, developed, sold to, serviced, and nurtured for long term business. Your Sales Process has to bring value to your customers and it must positively differentiate you from your competition.

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