420. Sales Coaching Techniques

Category: IV. Sales Management (At least 6 months in a management position)

Course Objective and Content: This program is focused on developing effective strategies and techniques for successful sales coaching interactions between the sales manager and sales rep.


Typical Topics to be Discussed:

  1. What is Sales Coaching and why is it important to you and your sales team?
  2. What were your experiences with coaching when you were a sales rep? What was done well / poorly?
  3. How to work with your top performers. Should they be treated differently than everyone else?
  4. How to structure a Sales Coaching meeting.
  5. Coaching Calls made in the "field". Why are they so important? How do they differ from coaching done in the office?
  6. Delivering your comments / feedback.
  7. Responding to a negative reaction.
  8. Action plans and development issues.
  9. How, when and where to follow up with your reps.

Preparation: Participants are asked to bring examples of Sales Coaching material they may have seen and / or used.


Duration: 1 day (9 to 4:30)

Location: Toronto (GTA)

Dates: TBA (Note: Call and register your interest)

Fee: Please Inquire.

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