400. How to Be a Great Sales Manager

Category: IV. Sales Management (At least 6 months in a management position)

Course Objective and Content: This program is aimed a new sales managers and those with experience who have had little or no formal training. Learn the fundamentals of being a good sales manager and the 6 Steps in the Practice of Sales Management. Discover how top sales managers create and lead high-performing sales teams.


Key Topics Covered:

What do your sales reps expect of you? 
  1. What is a Sales Manager's job? How does your job description compare?
  2. What do high-performing sales managers do differently from others?
  3. What is motivation and leadership? Practical ways to be effective at both.
  4. Detailed discussion of "The 6 Steps in the Practice of Sales Management" and their application:
  5. What is your role in the "Sales Process"? How much "selling" should you do / are you expected to do?
  6. What is the day-to-day difference between performance management and sales coaching?
  7. How to run effective sales meetings.

Preparation: Participants should be prepared to discuss the most challenging aspects of managing their sales team.


Duration: 2 days (9 to 4:30 daily)

Location: Toronto (GTA)

Dates: TBA (Note: Call and register your interest)

Fee: Please Inquire.

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