310. How to Call at the Executive Level

Category: III. Senior / Advanced Sales (5 or more years experience)

Course Objective and Content: Improve every aspect of your sales game by being able to call effectively and professionally on executives (the C-Level) as and when you need to.


Key Topics Covered:

  1. What is the Executive / C-Level? What job titles / responsibilities are included?
  2. What role do executives play in their company's Buying Process?
  3. Why and When is it important / appropriate to call and sell at the Executive / C-Level?
  4. What blocks us from going there?
  5. What have been your personal experiences? What happened and why? What did you learn?
  6. How does the Executive / C-Level respond to sales people?
  7. What does a sales person have to do to be welcomed?
  8. What skills do you need to develop to be successful? How can you develop these skills?
  9. Anatomy of a successful Executive / C-Level sales call.
  10. Role play.
  11. What is your plan to use these ideas and skills?

Preparation: Suggested optional reading: "Selling to the C-Suite"
Nicholas A. C. Read, Stephen Bistritz


Duration: 1 day (9 to 4:30)

Location: Toronto (GTA)

Dates: TBA (Note: Call and register your interest)

Fee: Please Inquire.

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