300. Competitive Selling

Category: III. Senior / Advanced Sales (5 or more years experience)

Course Objective and Content: This program is focused on senior reps who want to continue to develop their skill sets. Learn new ideas, tactics and strategies to defend your key accounts against different types of competitors. Position your key customers for loyalty and growth.


Key Topics Covered:

1.  How to find and win prospects when markets are soft, customers are looking at lots of competitors and are often reluctant to purchase.

2.  How to improve your overall sales process execution in highly competitive situations.

3.  What is “Value” and how do buyers and sellers assess it differently?

4.  How to position your product / service relative to the competition.

5.  Defeating the competition at the "price game".

6.  Competitive strategies that work. How to handle:

  1.  the heavy discounter.
  2.  the strong incumbent
  3.  the industry leader.
  4.  up and coming new company / product.
  5.  off-shore competitor.
  6.  RFP environments and others.

7.   Discussion of Advanced Sales Topics: Trusted Advisor Role, "Challenger Selling", Executive Level Calling.

Preparation: Participants should come prepared to discuss the specific characteristics of their major competition.


Duration: 2 days (9 to 4:30 daily)

Location: Toronto (GTA)

Dates: TBA (Note: Call and register your interest)

Fee: Please Inquire.

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