230. Better Sales Presentations

II. Intermediate Sales (About 2 to about 5 years experience)

Course Objective and Content: This interactive program will provide the chance to learn and to try-out new ideas and skills to improve the quality of your face-to-face sales message and the way you present it. (Limited to a maximum of 8 participants).


Key Topics Covered:

  1. What do you need to know before you show up to deliver your Sales Presentation?
  2. What should a good Sales Presentation consist of?
  3. What makes your presentation interesting or uninteresting to your customer? How believable and compelling is it?
  4. Effective staging. How to stand and move.
  5. Use of audio-visuals, props, and other presentation aids.
  6. How do you establish and keep rapport with your audience?
  7. How do you handle a negative audience member?
  8. Is is appropriate to try to "Close the Sale" at the end of your presentation?

Participants are asked to bring a standard or recent presentation they have delivered or are planning to deliver.


Duration: 2 days (9 to 4:30 daily)

Location: Toronto (GTA) 

 Dates: TBA (Note: Call and register your interest)

Fee: Please Inquire

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