210. How to Sell Without Discounting

II. Intermediate Sales (About 2 to about 5 years experience)

Course Objective and Content: This program is focused on strategies to let sales reps win more often while protecting their price. It presents and debates tactics to use to minimize the need to give discounts to meet competitive and / or customer pressures.


Key Topics Covered:

  1. What are the pros and cons of offering discounts?
  2. Is it actually possible to sell without discounting?
  3. What is your customer's Buying Process and how important is it to them? To you?
  4. When should you put a firm price on the table? When should you use budgetary pricing or give no price at all?
  5. What is "Value" and how can you position and use it to protect your price?
  6. How do you handle the prospect who demands the absolute lowest price regardless of quality or quantity?
  7. What strengths and weaknesses do buyers and sellers have with respect to each other? How are they used?
  8. Negotiating techniques and strategies.
  9. Four ways to say "No".
Preparation: Participants should be prepared to discuss a current sale lost on price where discounting was involved and a deal won where a discount was given.


Duration: 2 days (9 to 4:30 daily)

Location: Toronto (GTA)

Dates: TBA (Note: Call and register your interest)

Fee: Please Inquire

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