110 Sales Skills for Occasional Sellers

Category: IA. Occasional Sellers

Course Objective and Content: This program introduces basic sales concepts and activities to those who have sales duties but whose full-time job is not sales. This program will also benefit those who manage or coach sales people but may have little of no sales experience themselves.


Key Topics Covered:

1.  What is “Selling”?

  • Is selling the same thing as marketing, promotion, public relations or advertising?
  • How do they differ?
  • Which is most important?

2.  Overview of the history of Selling.

3.  What qualities do top sales performers have?

4.  Do you have any of these same qualities?

5.  What is a Sales Process and why is it important to use one?

6.  The components of a simplified Sales Process, what they do, and how to do them.

7.  Adapting this sales process to you, your style and what you need to do when you sell.

8.  Review and Wrap-Up.


Participants should be prepared to discuss their experiences when they have sold, and how they think things could have gone better.


Duration:  1 Day (9 to 4:30)

Location:  Toronto GTA (unless otherwise advised)

Dates:  To be Advised. (Note: Call and register your interest.)

Fee:  Please Inquire.

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